Textile and Fashion Design

This department trains in the following:

  • Fabric and dyeing
  • sewing
  • interior and venue decoration (Veno decor)
  • Embroidering

Trainees learn how to design and make dresses of all types (European, African and Industrial wears) for both men and women. They also learn how to decorate ceremonial grounds, (dinners, weddings, graduations, hotels and homes); conceive dress pattern, fabricate and color material and sew dresses.

Graduates of this department are able to produce self-made designed dresses such as suits, wedding gowns, trousers and shirts, graduation robes with custom features and industrial attires of different specifications.

Some graduates gain self-employment as dress makers, designers and freelance décors while others are recruited as fashion designers in textile companies like Lakins and CICAM etc.