Metal Fabrication, Welding & Spray Painting

Created in 1992 about some 22 years ago this department is amongst the oldest and made Cameroon OIC a member of the American Welding Society.

The MFWS department trains in

–        Industrial and Domestic Welding

–        Automobile Repairs

–        Spray Painting

–        Metal Fabrication.

Trainees learn how to repair and repaint car bodies, construct and maintain bridges, gates, doors and window frames, pipes, protectors, burners and other industrial and household equipments of metal origin.

Graduates from this department gain employment in Petroleum, Shipping and Conduit companies like the shipyard in Douala, CAMRAIL, GLOBEAUTOS and CDC as offshore and onshore welders. Some get self-employed and invest in the production and sale of household metal products like doors, gates and window protectors etc.

Presently, the unit has partnered with the Borstal Institute Buea under the Ministry of Social Affairs. It is working a partnership programme at the School of Technology in the University of Buea.