From : The Board Chairman
COIC, Buea.

To: All Interest Group Members
COIC, Buea.

Date: 05th August 2015.


I have the honor to invite you to attend the Interest Group Meeting which was earlier scheduled for Saturday 18th July 2015 and subsequently postponed. The meeting has been rescheduled for Friday 21st August 2015 at 10:00 am in the Administrative Hall of the Centre.

Please endeavor to be on time so that we can conclude the business of the day in a reasonable time.

The Agenda will include the following:-

1.) Verification of Quorum.
2.) Call to order by the Secretary General.
3.) Opening prayer.
4.) Welcome remark by Chairman.
5.) Reading of previous minutes.
6.) Correction and Adoption.
7.) Matters Arising from the Minutes.
8.) Chairman’s Address:
a. The Ad-hoc Committee’s report.
b. The removal from office of some Management staff.
c. Protest on the imposition of fines to be repaid by some members of the Administrative staff.
d. Definition of sanctions to be meted out to the members of the Management staff proving to have been corrupt.
e. Discussion on the rational and re-examination of the airtime issue.
f. Examination of issues related to Vehicle use along the lines of COIC Vehicle Policy.
9.) Reactions to the Chairman’s report.
10.) Financial status of the Centre.
11.) General.
12.) Closing remark.
13.) Entertainment.

Yours sincerely,

Barrister Sam Ekontang Elad
Board Chairman


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