Auto Mechanics & Auto Electricity

The Auto Mechanics and Motor Electricity training program provides trainees with organized learning experiences along with actual shop training, to equip them with the necessary knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair real automotive problems.

The combination of both classroom theory (30%) and hands-on training (70%) offers the Auto Mechanic and Motor Electricity trainee the experiences that are required for entry-level Auto Mechanics and Motor electricity jobs. This Auto Mechanics and Motor Electricity Pre-Apprenticeship program prepares students to engage in the servicing and maintenance of all types and mark of cars. The Automotive Training Centre Instructors all have relevant field experience and provide a practical and knowledgeable source of education to the trainees.

The Auto Mechanic and Motor Electricity Training program includes:

  • Introduction to the Automotive Industry and Shop Safety
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Service Wheels, Tires, Hubs and Bearings
  • Operation & Service Hydraulic Brake Systems
  • Operation and Servicing of Hydraulic Brake Systems
  • Operation & Service Suspension Systems
  • Operation & Service Steering Systems
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Welding Fundamentals
  • Service the Drive Lines and Drive Axles
  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • General Electrical Systems Diagnostics
  • Service Gasoline Engine
  • Service Lubrication and Cooling Systems
  • Operation & Service Ignition Systems
  • Operation and Servicing Fuel Injection Systems
  • Service Emissions and Computer Control System